Heavy Duty Workwear & Work Clothes for Construction

We have the construction work wear you need.

work pants
Blaklader pants have removable knee pads pockets

knee pads
knee pads insert in Blaklader work pants

knee pads

Contractor's Solutions offers a wide selection of work clothes, workwear, high visibility clothing rainwear & rain gear

The work clothes we offer just love dirty workshops, muddy building sites, weld spatter and grinding wheel sparks. Cold winter days, drizzle and biting winds are also welcome. This is because our garments are designed to protect you when you work in exposed environments.

That's why you will not find any ties in this catalogue, but you will find work clothing which meet a professional's demands for wear resistance and function. We believe that you demand as much from your working clothes as from your tools or your colleagues. So choose work clothes that last. Choose Contractor's Solutions.


The Brands We Offer

LaCrosse Footwear

LaCrosse Footwear

For over 110 years, LaCrosse has been making high quality, authentic footwear products that our customers know and trust. Anyone who puts in a hard day at work or a great weekend in the woods; be that workers, hunters, firefighters, miners, farmers or anyone else, knows that LaCrosse will provide them with the highest quality pair of boots and a to keep making a product that fits with their way of life.


blaklader workwear

Blaklader Work wear

Blaklader has been making professional workwear since 1959. Today Blaklader is one of Sweden's leading producers of heavy working clothes. Now we're available throughout North America

Lifetime warranty on the stitches.

Blaklader is the only workwear manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on its seams. Professional staff and modern equipment make this warranty possible. If a seam splits, as long as it has not been torn by sharp edges or tools, we will repair or replace the garment. We consider a garment's life span to be up until it has holes worn in it or is otherwise no longer useful.

work pants

High Visibility Clothing & Rainwear

high visibility jackets
hi viz
rain jackets & rain coats

hooded rain coats
raincoats with hoods

safety vests
reflective safety vests

rain pants
Hi viz rain pants

steel toe boots
steel toe boots



work jacket
heavy work jacket

work jacket
Toughguy work jacket

Fleece jacket
Fleece jacket


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