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Install Cabinets the Easy Way!

  • The GILLIFT cabinet lift allows one person to install cabinets safely and efficiently.

  • Made of anodized aluminum, the GILLIFT cabinet lift has a load capacity of 300 lbs.

  • It's ability to move and transport cabinets, lift and adjust the cabinet height and level cabinets, makes the GILLIFT cabinet lift and indespensable tool for any professional cabinet installer.

  • Maneuver and install cabinets with ease.

  • The adjustable lifter allows for one person installations without the need of extra helpers.

  • Created by professionals for professionals

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The GILLIFT™ cabinet lift saves money since you don't need extra workers to help you.






The GILLIFT™ Cabinet Lifter adapts to the way you want to install your cabinets. Install upper cabinets first or install lower cabinets first and then hang the upper cabinets over top of the lower cabinets


Converts to a dolly for rolling base cabinets (up to 300 lbs.) in place, or from one room to another.

The counter-lift allows the cabinet installer to work over the base cabinets. Hang uppers in 3 easy steps No need to hire extra workers!







Fully loaded with cabinets the GILLIFT™ fits through doorways.



Dual directional self-locking winch.

5" Swivel Ball Bearing casters Heavy duty casters as well as strong anodized aluminum make the GILLIFT™ tough enough for industrial environments




Easy foot brake secures the unit

Telpro Gillift Model 70-1 Cabinet Lift

  • Install upper cabinets in minutes, after the lower cabinets have been installed

Telpro Gillift Model 70-2 Cabinet Lift

  • Includes Dolly

  • Installs upper cabinets before the lower cabinets have been installed

Telpro Gillift Model 70-3 Cabinet Lift

  • The complete kit that is 3 tools in 1 unit! Installs cabinets in any order you want: upper cabinets first or after base cabinets are installed.
  • No more sore backs from leaning over the base unit.Converts to a dolly to haul heavy cabinets.

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