ladder racks for trucks with caps
ladder racks for trucks with caps

Lumber Racks, Ladder Racks, Truck Racks & for Trucks

Outfit your truck with one of these innovative designed ladder racks by Kargo Master


utility truck racks
utility truck ladder rack

  If you need to carry heavy loads on your truck, we have the solution for you. We have a wide selection of racks to outfit your pickup or utility truck. Whether you need to carry ladders, lumber, pipe or just about any long cumbersome loads.  

Kargo Master ladder racks

Serious tradesmen use substantial tools. Kargo Master Truck Racks - Ladder Racks are the top choices because they work hard and look great!

Pro II or Pro III?
If you intend to carry heavy loads of construction materials, we recommend the heavier duty Pro II truck rack (made with 2" dia. tubes).  If you intend to carry long ladders, PVC pipe, or moderate loads of lumber, the Pro III ladder rack (made with 1 5/8" dia. tubes) will do the job supurbly with a lower price tag.  Before making your own truck rack or buying a locally made weld shop job, please check out the Pro III truck rack.  For about the same money, you will get a heck of a lot more style, durability and function.

Kargo Master Pro II Heavy Duty Ladder Racks & Lumber Racks for Contractor Trucks & Vans


Bigger Tubes-Stronger Frame

  • Big 2" Diameter .083" Wall High Tensile Strength Steel Tubing Is The Strongest Available
  • 1700 Lb. Cargo Capacity
  • Nationwide Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 5" Swaged Joints Provide Double Strength And Clean Look
  • Yellow Zinc Plated Grade 5 Fasteners For Added Strength And Corrosion ResistanceSuperior design, materials, and craftsmanship
  • Models available to custom fit full size or mini trucks with short or long bed.  Special taller model for Super Duty Crew Cab.
  • Available in standard and extended lengthExtended length racks position front crossbar beyond windshield on extended cab trucks.  This reduces wind noise, looks better, and provides more support for long cargo.
  • Available in gloss black or white
  • Pre-drilled footplate mounts are standard.  Accessory "Full Length Bed Rails" also available
  • Accessory Stake Pocket T Bolts are available to provide a forward foot plate or bed rail attachment point.  Recommended for Tundra or late model GM trucks where the sheet metal around the stake pocket makes it difficult to put a nut on the forward mount bolts.  With Full Length Bed Rails and Stake Pocket T Bolts the rack can be securely mounted without drilling into the vehicle.
  • Accessory No-Drill Clamp-On Foot Plate Mounts are available to securely attach rack to truck's bed rail without drilling into truck.   These kits will work ONLY with racks manufactured after July 1, 2005.

KargoMaster Pro II Ladder Racks & Lumber Racks for Contractor Trucks & Vans

Pro-III Medium-Duty Truck Racks - Ladder Racks

Here's why the New Pro III rack is the Best Value In Town.... 

Bigger Tubes-Stronger Frame

  • Big 1 5/8" Diameter .083" Wall High Tensile Strength Steel Tubing.
  • Provides plenty of strength without excessive weight.
  • 1000 lb. Cargo Capacity
  • Nationwide Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 5" Swaged Joints Provide Double Strength and Clean Look
  • Yellow Zinc Plated Grade 5 Fasteners For Added Strength And Corrosion Resistance

pickup truck racks

All Pro III Series truck racks - ladder racks  are constructed with the same Kargo Master industrial quality methods and materials that have set the standard of the industry for over 32 years.

truck racks

The Pro III truck rack - ladder rack front bar overhangs the cab of all trucks except extended/crew cab long bed trucks.  If you prefer the look and function of a longer rack, go with the Pro II

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truck racks
Kargo Master offers heavy duty full cab over truck racks

ladder racks for vans

ladder racks for vans

pickup truck cap rack
ladder racks for pickup trucks with caps
Pro III only

pickup truck cap rack
Ladder racks for trucks with caps

aluminum truck rack
Aluminum ladder racks
Pro IV

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